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Types of Claims

Timeshare Compensation

Timeshare compensation is now available for many timeshare owners due to a change in the EU Directive. Do you match any of the following?

  • Purchased after 1999
  • Paid by credit card, finance or bank loan
  • Maintenance paid up to date
  • Paid any money during 14 day cooling off period
timeshare compensation

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Timeshare Compensation is an advice website owned and operated by Viking Consultants. 

An established company assisting timeshare owners in successfully submitting claims due to mis-sold timeshares! 

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We have an abundance of experience assisting timeshare owners in submitting claims. We have a highly trained team.

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Clients Testimonials

I was very impressed with how professional the Viking team are after contacting them through their timeshare compensation website. Everything was well explained and they made sure that I fully understood how everything worked before submitting my claim. I was never rushed or pressured.
Jamie Jones