Avoid Timeshare fractional ownership products!

Timeshare Fractional Ownership

The guardian posted an article back in 2010 warning tourists of a possible scam involving timeshare fractional ownerships. Unfortunately, the word did not reach enough people! Now 10 years on people are struggling to continue with payments and are now aware that timeshare fractional ownerships are not an investment as promised. 

We would like to warn European tourists once again before they set off on their holidays. The hard selling timeshare fractional ownership presentations promise a high ROI (Return On Investment). There is no indication whatsoever that these properties will increase in value.
The problem with this scam is that the products are sold for a duration of 15 – 25 years. People will not be able to prove that this is a scam until owners reach the 15 year mark and find out that they are unable to sell. On top of this, waiting 15 – 25 years before reporting this to financial authorities will lower the chances of ever being able to recover any moneys.
Viking Consultants would like to hear from anyone that has fallen victim of this timeshare nightmare.  
We are asking that all European consumers contact Timeshare Compensation and discuss your option with Viking Consultants. 

Find out if you have a chance in recovering the money that you have spent. Use our FREE compensation calculator to find out.

Use our FREE compensation calculator to find if you are entitled to compensation!