Getting out of Petchey Leisure

getting out of Petchey Leisure

Courts order resorts to issue refunds of up to £30,000.

We have seen a large increase of customers contacting us requesting further information regarding getting out of Petchey Leisure. Can you answer yes to any of the questions below?

  • Did you purchase after 1999?
  • Did you pay by credit card, finance or bank loan?
  • Did you pay any money during the 14 day cooling off period?
  • Did you pay a deposit on the day?
  • Are you signed into a contract that exceeds 50 years?
  • Have you upgraded or bought into an exit points pack?

Many timeshare owners of MGM / Petchey Leisure and Infinity points members are contacting us with concerns over their timeshare products purchased. Many owners have informed us that after contacting MGM wanting to exit from their timeshare, they were told that the only way to do so was to buy in to their 5 year exit pack! They have also expressed concerns over their ownerships at the Portuguese Club Praia da Oura resort.

Have you received a maintenance bill after the 5 year exit pack has expired?

Owners have also informed us that they continued to receive a maintenance bill after the 5 year exit pack has expired. According to some owners, the exit pack was not an exit pack at all. Some are saying that what they actually purchased was additional points that expired in 5 years. This left the original ownership still valid with customers still liable to cover the full maintenance fees.

Luckily for many unhappy timeshare owners, there could be a way of getting out of Petchey Leisure. Court judgements that took place in 2015 surrounding timeshare issues have paved the way for many timeshare owners to terminate their timeshares with some even being eligible to recover the money that they have spent.

If you would like to speak to someone regarding getting out of Petchey Leisure / MGM timeshare ownerships, arrange a free telephone consultation to get any questions answered.

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