How the UK 14 day quarantine affected timeshare!

14 Day Quarantine Affected Timeshare!

If your a timeshare owner in the UK that owns week 30 – 34 you will have already seen how the UK 14 day quarantine affected timeshare resorts. You would have either lost your holiday, had flights cancelled or had to depart early to avoid the quarantine.

Those lucky enough not to be effected by having to quarantine on returning to the UK will have noticed the shear decline in guests staying at the resorts. Many closed some of their facilities as they would not bring in enough extra revenue needed to cover the costs.

1 step forward 2 steps back

Many struggling timeshare resorts were beginning to re-open their doors to welcome British owners back. However, the new 14-day quarantine imposed by the British government has left the European timeshare industry crippled.

How the 14 day quarantine will affect the timeshare industry

The global lockdown forced many timeshare resorts to close their doors for good. During this time the struggling resorts received government funding as they were forced to close. Now that the lockdown has ended, the resorts will see big losses from new business being generated as well as onsite spending.

Although the resorts will still be receiving the maintenance fees which covers the management costs, it is predicted that many of the remaining resorts will claim bankruptcy in the coming months!

How long with the UK need to quarantine when returning from holiday?

The 14-day quarantine was introduced in the UK on 27 July 2020. Currently to date nothing has changed and it doesn´t look like it is going to any time soon. Many governments are also considering a second lockdown to avoid the expected rise in infections during the winter.

Why do I still have to pay maintenance fees if I Can’t use my holiday

Paying maintenance fees are a legal obligation of the timeshare owners. These fees are divided between its members to maintain the upkeep of the resort. These are not costs covering accommodation. The fee you pay when purchasing the timeshare is the fee that covers accommodation. The resorts will still be maintained during this difficult time whether you take your holiday or not.

Can I claim back money that I spent when buying the timeshare?

In order to claim back money from your timeshare purchase you would need to relinquish your timeshare in a way that the resort admits mis-selling. You cannot claim back money and continue to utilise your timeshare in the future. All timeshare contracts state that the accommodation is subject to availability. Not being able to use your timeshare due to lockdown / travel restriction would not class as mis-selling as this falls under the “subject to availability clause”

What is classed as mis-selling?

Timeshare mis-selling can cover the use of non-compliant contracts, unethical sales practises, and misrepresentation.

The main 4 points that allow timeshare owners to claim back money from a mis sold timeshare are but not limited to the below list:-

  1. Contract being in perpetuity or having no end date
  2. Timeshares with no fixed week number, unit number and time period assigned to them. This includes some points products, club memberships and fractional ownerships.
  3. Sold as being investment opportunities
  4. Loss of exclusivity

Use our free compensation calculator to find out if you are eligible to claim compensation from mis-sold timeshare.

Check for updates on travel advice within Spain and UK quarantine rules