How to Cancel A Spanish Timeshare Contract

cancel a Spanish timeshare contract

Are you trying to cancel a Spanish timeshare contact?

This post offers information on how to cancel a Spanish timeshare contract outside of the cooling off period. If you have very recently purchased your timeshare you might want to read our post about timeshare cooling off periods:

You might find it relatively easy to cancel a Spanish timeshare contract. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your purchase, regarding how and when you purchased, it could be possible to claim back the money that you have spent.

It was confirmed by the Spanish Supreme Court in 2015 that a high percentage of timeshares sold in Spain were done using illegal contracts. This is great news for timeshare owners! As many contracts were not legal under Spanish law, they could become void!

More information regarding illegal timeshare contracts can be found here: contracts

Relinquishment and Claim

If the following applies to yourself, you could be eligible to terminate the contract as well as claim back the money that you have spent. This particular rule applies to timeshares purchased after 5th January 1999.

  • The duration of your ownership exceeds 50 years. This includes contract stated as being in perpetuity (forever).
  • Your contract does not state a specific resort or week number. Contracts for points or floating weeks are illegal under Spanish law as not ownership of a product can be proven.
  • Your timeshare contract does not include a withdrawal contract giving information regarding cancelling.
  • You were required to pay a deposit or pay any money upfront during the cooling off period.

If you have answered yes to any of the above, then you are able to cancel your Spanish timeshare contract and claim back money for the following.

  • The full amount that you paid for your timeshare. Any amount paid during the cooling off period is doubled.
  • Interest
  • Legal fees

How to cancel a Spanish timeshare contract

Before you begin the process. You would need to find out what type of claim you qualify. This can depend on the date you purchased, how you paid and what is written within your contract. You would need to arrange a free telephone consultation to discuss this over the phone with a timeshare exit specialist.

If you qualify for a claim, you would be required to scan / email a copy of your timeshare contract to the claims company for a consultant to look over and double check.

The duration in which it takes to receive the compensation would depend on the type of claim.

To get the ball rolling, arrange a no obligation free telephone consultation. A specialist adviser will answer any questions that you have and walk you through the process and possible outcomes.

Use our FREE compensation calculator to find if you are entitled to compensation!