Macdonalds resorts accused of forcing owners into a points system

Macdonalds Resorts

The Independent reported back in 2014 the problems that Macdonalds timeshare owners were facing when being forced into a point system.

The majority of Macdonalds owners are happy with their timeshares. However; for some, moving on to the point system has made it difficult to utilise their ownership. We have spoken to owners at Macdonalds Resorts who say that the change made it more difficult to get the week that they had purchased. They also needed to reserve the week in advance. This was not possible for some owners due to their employment. The problems with timeshare point systems are that you no longer have a set week number or unit number assigned to you.

According to the Independent, a group of about 200 owners were enraged at Macdonalds ResortsĀ“. They accused them of taking advantage of many elderly owners, locking them in timeshare contacts in perpetuity. The legal length of a timeshare contract must be between 3 – 50 years. If your contract is in perpetuity you could be eligible to terminate your contract and possibly recover the money back that you had spent.

Many owners agree that there should be a clause in place that prevents owners from walking away from their timeshare responsibilities as this would increase the maintenance fees for other owners. However, it seems that timeshare resorts have too many strings attached within the contracts and this makes it incredibly difficult to be able to exit.

At the time, Macdonalds Resorts are said to stand by their decision as it was a vote by the members.

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