Section 140 Timeshare Claim

Section 140A timeshare claim

A Section 140 timeshare claim can be successful If you have entered into an unfair agreement between yourself and the creditor (timeshare resort). A section 140 was designed as a tool to help the courts make a decision. It is down to the timeshare resort to prove to the courts that the agreement is fair. It is not for the timeshare owner to provide proof that it is unfair.

A common reason to submit a Section 140 timeshare claim when a consumer has purchased via bank loan with unreasonable interest rates.

The most popular Section 140 claims are based on:

  • Maintenance fees rising above inflation or exceeding the cost of maintaining the property.
  • In perpetuity clause keeping timeshare owners locked into costly agreements.
  • No physical product has been purchased. ie. point based products or floating weeks.
  • Paid via loan with unfair interest rates.

You qualify for a Section 140 claim if you meet the following criterion:

  • The agreement made is solely in favour of the timeshare resort.
  • ┬áThe timeshare resort has denied the consumer a way to exit in times of financial hardship / unable to use the ownership. The timeshare resort must give an option for the consumer to exit even if charges are applicable.
  • Paid via loan with unfair interest rates.

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