Silverpoint Timeshare contracts null and void!

Silverpoint Timeshare Contracts

Many Silverpoint timeshare contracts were sold in perpetuity! This means that timeshare owners at Silverpoint Resorts will own their timeshares indefinitely! Leaving Silverpoint owners to pay maintenance fees for their entire life. 

Spanish 42/1998 Act of Parliament states that holiday ownership contracts cannot exceed 50 years. If you have purchased your timeshare after 1st January 1999 your contract could become null and void.

If you have entered into an agreement with your timeshare resort for a duration that exceeds 50 years you can submit a claim to recover the money that you have spent.

There are many other illegalities that could be included within your timeshare agreement such as payments being made within the 14-day cooling off period and loss of exclusivity. 

Who are Silverpoint Resorts

Silverpoint Resorts were registered as Silverpoint Vacations SL. The resorts include Hollywood Mirage, Beverly Hills Heights, Beverly Hills Club & Palm Beach Club.

These resorts are well established in Tenerife and owned by Excel Hotels and Resorts. Silverpoint Vacations were the marketing company that sold the timeshare at these properties. Many marketing companies have been selling holiday products at the resorts since they opened their doors.

The courts have also determined that Resort Properties and Silverpoint Vacations are in fact the same business. Silverpoint Vacations must take full responsibility for any products sold by Resort Properties!

Many of these products have also been sold as an investment which is also against the EU Directive 2008/122/EC.

Full information regarding the EU Directive can be found here

Use our FREE timeshare compensation Calculator to find out if you are entitled to claim money back due to illegal Silverpoint timeshare contracts.

Use our FREE compensation calculator to find if you are entitled to compensation!