Frequently Asked Questions

No, we have successfully relinquished and made compensation claims for people who own worldwide.

Yes, you can not relinquish a timeshare if you have not paid your maintenance fees.

No, by submitting a successful claim you must terminate the timeshare agreement.

There is no guarantee, but we will evaluate your claim with you, before proceeding. 8 out of 10 consumers we speak to, do have a claim.

In perpetuity mean “forever”. Timeshare contracts that are in perpetuity or last for a duration that exceeds 51 years are illegal in Europe under the EU Directive.

Unfortunately not. A timeshare resort will only take a timeshare back from a customer if the customer waives their rights to compensation.

You can usually only hand a timeshare back to a resort if the resort know they they have broken laws when selling the timeshare. In order to give the timeshare back you need to waive your rights of any future claims.

Yes, in many cases you will still be able to submit a claim. We recommend speaking to one of our specialists as this can depend on your ownership.

This would depend if the company have submitted a legitimate claim. Unfortunately, there are many fraudulent companies operating within the timeshare industry. Speak to one of our specialists to get advice. We can point you in the right direction. 

You can still go ahead with your claim. However, please let our consultants know before we submit the papers.

Once you have submitted a claim you will be unable to transfer the the timeshare to someone else.

Following the initial engagement of your Legal Specialist, they will extricate you from your timeshare first. This process ensures there is no future financial liability, without waiving rights to a compensation claim – which is very important. Once this part is concluded, your Legal Specialist will then proceed with any claim you may have and wish to pursue.